Our "Happy" Story

Our story is very simple, I found out I was pregnant in December 2019 and was instantly excited. As a serial entrepreneur my business had always been my baby and now I was having an actual baby! As I went through my pregnancy, I was like most first time moms. I wanted to pick out the right things in my registry and have the right products for my baby. I strolled the lines of Target, Walmart, and many other stores looking for hair care products for my son. As a Black woman it was important to me that we took care of his hair and skin. After all those trips and research I realized something, there aren’t many all natural hair products out there for young Black babies that contained healthy ingredients. So my mission began, and after quite a bit of research, testing, and developing Happy Nugget was born!


We had to go through trials and tests of products, researching each ingredient and it’s safety for children, I went through company name challenges, it was ALOT to say the least. For me the challenges still come, but in order to overcome any challenge I had a mission in mind to see this entire business through. My son Bryson (6mo) serves as my inspiration. To know that I am building him something that can support each of his dreams and hopes is a constant motivation to keep going no matter how hard it gets.

Our products are all natural hair care products designed to not only clean and condition their hair and scalp, but to promote healthy long term hair with Black children in mind. Each product is designed as a very potent and rich formula so a little goes a long way! By specifically choosing a pump bottle we make it easy to make it through the hair shampooing, conditioning, and styling process. We offer 3 shampoo & conditioner sets (Newborn Nugget, Toddler Nugget, and Curly Nugget), as well as the Happy Nugget Styling Spray and Happy Nugget Detangle Spray. Every recipe includes all natural ingredients that are sulfate, paraben, and SLS free to ensure they will nourish and condition children’s hair while also throughly cleaning it. I can admit I use the Happy Nuggets products on my adult hair and I love them!